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Holy Spirit Heal The Heart Of Man

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Church Stand With Israel Be Blessed

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Feature Messages for Sharing:

Elohim Heal All The Nations

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Yeshua Save The Lost Sheep of Israel

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Trust The Lord Brings Victory

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Yeshua Message of Instruction through

Prophetess Joyce Lazar 

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Yeshua Prophetic Television First Broadcast

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Featured Music: 

Bump Bump Bump Song

Yeshua Messiah Ministries

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Roar From Zion (Live)

Paul Wilbur

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You Are Holy (Live at the Tower of David, Jerusalem)

Joshua Aaron

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Waging War

CeCe Winans

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Cleansing His Bride Zoom Meeting

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Join Weekly Wednesday Zoom meeting 10:30 am West Coast – Cleansing His Bride

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World Power Gospel Radio

Yeshua Prophetic Prayer will be heard On

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Yeshua Prophetic Prayer will be heard on

Our 60 Minute Radio Broadcast

Yeshua Prophetic Prayer

Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday 

10 pm East Coast 7 pm West Coast and Arizona

2 am East Coast 11 pm West Coast and Arizona.

Yeshua Prophetic Prayer 60 Minute Broadcast 

Will Also Be Heard Around The World 

Every Saturday Morning at 9 am East Coast. 

6 am West Coast and Arizona

Yeshua Messiah Ministries week of 5/27/24 1 Hour

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Listen to Yeshua Messiah 5 Minute Messages:

Yeshua Heal All Veterans

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Noah's Ark Card Game Of Promise, Brings Family and Fun Together With Education.

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Yeshua Messiah Prophetic Prayer Line

6 pm Arizona, 9 pm East Coast

Join Us Live 717-908-1834 Code 599485#

To Listen 24/7 - 717-908-1837 Code 599485#

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Yeshua Tuesday Morning: 

7 am Arizona, 10 am East Coast

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Prophetic WAR Room With Prophetic Prayer For

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2nd Kings 4

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Isaiah 40

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Psalm 144

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Ezekiel 44

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Hebrews 4

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